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FingerSaver 3G - Standard 375mm

NEW! fingersaver 3g standard

Fingersaver 3G - Standard

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The Standard Fingersaver 3G, the best seller out of the 3 in the Fingersaver product range. This Fingersaver is the ideal purchase for keeping hands away from danger during use with items such as a flogging spanner.

Technical Information

Length: 375mm    Weight: 230g    Colour: Orange

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Without the Finger Saver you are exposing yourself to potential hand or finger injuries. Your hands are your most important day to day tool. If you damage your hands, or particularly and more importantly, your fingers, you will be affected in everything you do.From getting dressed to washing your face; you will have a constant reminder of an injury that could have been avoided. Don't put your hands where they can be injured, stay safe. When using the FingerSaver you are able to keep your hands away from any potential danger of impact. The FingerSaver is designed to be held by you, or it can be held in position by a work colleague to further reduce the risk of injury. The FingerSaver tool allows you to mitigate any risk involved in the task at hand and it gives you the confidence to perform the work activity safely, without injury to your hands.