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the fingersaver and safety lanyard

Who We Are

Specialised Engineering Products Ltd, a UK based ISO9001 / AS9100 manufacturing company, has been the preferred manufacturer and supplier of gaskets and studbolts to a UK based Oil Refinery for 20 years. When we were approached by the refinery to take a proactive role in reducing hand and finger injuries associated with the fitting of gaskets and studbolts the FingerSaver concept was born. Some inspirational thinking and innovative ideas produced some early prototypes, which were tested and immediately approved by the refining facility. Our intelligent manufacturing processes were utilised in the designing, specification and testing of materials and quality control procedures were put in place to ensure this product did its job… Safely. We were proud to be entrusted by the refinery with this opportunity and now even more proud to see the product grow in to a globally sourced safety tool, keeping the hands and fingers of maintenance employees all over the world safer.

Our Goal

No Finger Injuries - 100%
No Hand Injuries - 100%
Send Workers Home Safely - 100%
Customer Satisfaction - 100%

Our Aim is to help protect you

thumb injury

To go home in one piece to your family at the end of the working day is paramount, so when you think about safety to hands and fingers, think FingerSaver. Safety is, and should always be, everybody's number one priority.

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Don't take risks

thumb injury

This safety tool is a must if you have a need to move fingers away from the impact zone of a hammer on flogging spanners and from pinch points when using impact wrenches and hydraulic torque equipment.

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What Our Clients Say


  • Turnaround Safety Leader (Retired 2012)

Since introducing the FingerSaver to the refinery, hand and finger injuries have all but been eliminated. I knew the FingerSaver would help prevent injury but never thought it would be such an important part of our everyday work, every Pipe Fitter now carries one in his tool bag. We have also incorporated the use of the FingerSaver in to our safe working practices making it a refinery standard that it must be used for specific tasks where the flogging of bolts is required. It's an essential part of keeping our Maintenance Operators & Fitters safe on the job.

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Our Mission

To Prevent Hand & Finger Injuries In The Workplace

We strive towards helping the onshore and offshore sectors of the Oil & Gas Industry become safer places to work. We want to help you to prevent all hand and finger injuries across your site and send all your workers home safely.

Why Use The FingerSaver?

You can't afford not to use the FingerSaver, your hands are your most important tool, don't damage them, you only get one pair.

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