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the fingersaver and safety lanyard

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  • Turnaround Safety Leader (Retired 2012)

Since introducing the FingerSaver to the refinery, hand and finger injuries have all but been eliminated. I knew the FingerSaver would help prevent injury but never thought it would be such an important part of our everyday work, every Pipe Fitter now carries one in his tool bag. We have also incorporated the use of the Finger Saver in to our safe working practices making it a refinery standard that it must be used for specific tasks where the flogging bolts is required. It's an essential part of keeping our Mechanical and Pipe Fitters safe on the job.

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  • SHE Dept. (Safety Health Environment)

We introduced the FingerSaver into our Oil Refinery during one of our major maintenance turnarounds, it instantly made an impact with preventing hand and finger injuries, it was truely impressive.

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