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Safety For Your Fingers

the fingersaver in action with a flogging spanner

Safety First

Keep hands well out of trouble



Used throughout refineries and other industries across the world

the fingersaver range, long, standard and compact


When used correctly...

injured fingers

Prevent This

Use a FingerSaver

diagram explaining how and why to use the fingersaver

The FingerSaver

Why put yourself at risk?


The Story

The FingerSaver was developed by Specialised Engineering Products Ltd at the request of a large UK based Oil Refinery looking to further protect its maintenance operatives from injuries to Fingers and Hands.

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Safe Working Practice

Help protect your employees from hand and finger injuries with the correct and safe intended use of the FingerSaver; make it your site safety standard practice.

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Find or Become a Distributor

Find your nearest accessible authorised distributor or even make contact to join our growing global distribution network.

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Feedback Required! As we prepare to conduct our annual review of FingerSaver/Safety Product distributors, we are looking for feedback from end users. This includes anything from customer experience to delivery performance, positive or negative, we'd like to know. Please email your feedback to

You can help prevent injuries...

The FingerSaver, when used correctly, will eliminate hand and finger injuries

flogging injuries

Flogging Injuries

This worker was removing an isolation spade from between two 8" flanges and was tightening up the studbolts with a flogging spanner. As he struck the spanner with his hammer, he missed, hitting his finger causing this injury.

finger injury caused by a lump hammer

Lump Hammer

This image shows the effects of a misplaced lump hammer blow when your hand is left exposed near the impact zone. The nail had to be drilled to relieve the build up of pressure within the thumb.

trapped thumb

Trapped Thumb

This injury was caused when a fitter's thumb was trapped between the spanner and a heat exchanger door whilst loosening 2" diameter studbolts. Pinch points can be as dangerous and painful as a direct hammer blow.

permanent damage

Permanent Damage

Don't pay the ultimate price, use a FingerSaver...

Assisting Safe Working Practices